Tap Adventure: Time Travel – a new fantasy RPG with time travel, colorful graphics and quintillion monsters!

Play game Tap Adventure: Time TravelTap Adventure: Time Travel – a new fantasy RPG with time travel, colorful graphics and quintillion monsters! Go to meet the glory of the legendary city of Ageron and pass through the hordes of enemies! Travel through the picturesque Patchwork world in the company of 17 unique heroes and defeat dozens of ferocious bosses. Train the fighters, create artifacts and conquer the space-time continuum! Evaluate an explosive mixture of genres and assemble an unbeatable team of heroes!

Epic heroes

The path to Ageron is a severe trial! He is full of dangers and swarming with hordes of monsters. Kill the monsters and devastate the treasures to earn gold and hire fighters. Call in a detachment of powerful magicians, treacherous assassins, druids and dozens of other strongest fighters of the Quilt world. Develop over 80 skills, improve the characteristics of heroes and mine equipment! http://ultramangames.info


New games Tap Adventure: Time Travel 2017In traveling you will meet famous masters who will help in a hard war with enemies. Some will help to open locked chests from the treasuries of bosses, others will gladly exchange unnecessary resources for magic books from the magic library, and still others will create artifacts of unprecedented power with the help of magic runes. The closer to Ageron, the more great masters and new opportunities!

Time loops

The strength of enemies increases with each level. Spend time and return to the past to correct mistakes and become stronger! Use time loops and start the battle from the very beginning, saving precious knowledge and extracted artifacts. Experiment with combinations of heroes and skills, improve your tactics and walk through the skulls of enemies to the gates of the city of Ageron!


Play free games onlineJuicy graphics and special effects;
7 game classes;
Boundless pumping 17 heroes;
Studying over 80 skills;
Crafting and improving items;
More than 30 legendary artifacts;
Dozens of worlds and quintillion monsters!

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