Genesis is an exemplary browser RPG with revolutionary graphics and non-standard classes.

Play game GenesisGenesis is an exemplary browser RPG with revolutionary graphics and non-standard classes. Take the place of the gods and fight with the demonic race Piori, which sows chaos and destruction. Play for three original classes, develop over 70 skills and create an unbeatable squad of two dozen heroes! You are waiting for lightning battles with QTE-events, a single campaign of seven story chapters and global PvP battles. Travel around the world at the helm of a flying ship, explore mysterious ruins in search of powerful artifacts and find a way to stop the invasion of demons!

The almighty gods who defended the heavenly planet left the blessed world, leaving the inhabitants to tear apart fate. Captured in the depths of the planet, demons broke secular fetters and broke free. The paradise turned into hell hell. Stand up for the defense of your native planet, call on all-powerful allies and rebuff the descendants of hell!

Create a hero from three original classes

Free game Genesis onlinePsionic is a skillful healer with devastating damage to the area;
A ghost is a deadly hunter, killing assaults;
Corsair is a sturdy warrior, clad in impenetrable armor.
Choose a class for the style of the game and go in search of adventure! Develop a character and travel the world. Do hundreds of quests and earn fame. Fight two heroes at once and deal crushing combo blows! Find the power of the gods, defeat the legendary heroes and prove that you are worthy to lead them into battle!

10 reasons to play Genesis

Games for free - GenesisUltra-modern 2.5D graphics of the latest generation;
Official localization with Russian voice acting;
Three non-standard classes and over 70 combat skills;
Hurricane battles with QTE events and spectacular combos;
Two dozen partners with personal abilities;
Improved equipment and craft items;
Colorful costumes and 12 kinds of divine wings;
45 mounts from bone dragons to graceful unicorns;
Single and group dungeons with the strongest bosses;
Dueling, team fights and epic PvP battles of guilds!