Battle of Tanks – a military strategy of the most powerful tanks of the planet.

Play game Battle of TanksThe Battle of Tanks is a military strategy about the heroes, war and the most powerful tanks of the planet. Stand up for the defense of your native land and head the battle group of the legendary tanks, created on the basis of historical prototypes of the Second World and modern analogues. Design tanks and helicopters according to secret drawings produced in hot battles. Develop a military base, build factories and extract strategic resources. Learn the latest technology in top-secret laboratories and get a crushing advantage over the enemy. Unleash the strategist’s talents in spectacular tank battles and command dozens of players on the front line! Teach officers, seize territory and climb the career ladder through the skulls of enemies to the highest military rank!

The best tanks of the planet

Free game Battle of TanksYou are waiting for eminent tanks of the Second World and modern era. T-34-2 – the first tank in the collection, which will bring a sweet taste of victories and will open the doors to more powerful fighting vehicles. Online strategy pleases a rich park of technology, including IS-2, Tiger, Object 261, Pershing and Centurion. In total, over 30 types of tanks from different generations are available!

Tuning of tanks

Tanks, built according to the drawings, are just the basis that is freely upgraded and improves to the taste of the player. Go over combat vehicles on a military base from scratch, changing the equipment from the chassis and to camouflage! To implement engineering plans, rare resources and drawings will be needed, which are given out as trophies after victories in fierce battles.

Wars of the Legions

New game Battle of Tanks for free In battles, each player controls a detachment of five tanks and a combat helicopter. The power of the pocket army is sufficient for stripping the fortifications or retaliating attacks, but this is not enough to reverse the outcome of the war. Entering the legion of dozens of players, opens the global side of the Battle of Tanks. Shoulder to shoulder with brothers in arms, you will build a giant impregnable fortress, seize resource-rich territories and challenge players from other servers.

Key features

The atmosphere of the Second World War;
Step-by-step battles with elements of strategy;
Dozens of land and air equipment;
Kraft equipment and tuning tanks;
Recruiting and pumping officers;
Creation and improvement of armored vehicles;
Extraction of resources and construction of military bases;
World tournaments and server battles;
Development of the guild fortress and guild wars;
Dozens of daily events and tests.