New online RPG games (Role-Playing games), a review from Ultramangames

RPG gamesNew RPG online games – it’s always interesting! After all, the world of games is one of the few universes in which you can fully reveal yourself and your essence. Fans of this genre in the overwhelming majority simply dream of wearing shining armor, take a fiery sword and go save a beautiful nymph, incidentally crushing all the enemies that came to us completely from the world of people.

New miniclip games of the genre RPG have become even more beautiful, interesting, more exciting. Today there is no concept that only children play games. Many fans of online RPGs fell in love with this genre, thanks to the famous game Diablo – mother and father in one person, which gave birth to the genre of RPG. Then there were no online games yet, but still the whole world played and enjoyed the spectacle every time the next monster’s head flew from the Paladin’s sharp sword, or when it turned into ashes after the powerful sorcery of Sorca (sorceress). Today, many of them graduated from schools and institutes, gave birth to children, but continue to play, and also closely monitor the release of new games of the genre RPG.

Platform ultramangames can not bypass such an important issue for our fans, so we suggest you try new RPG games that you will surely like, and you will create one more your own world.

We recommend the following online RPGs

Free new RPG games

The Way of the Sword;
League of Angels;
Parograd ..
This magnificent triplet will give you all the possibilities of the modern Internet. Graphics literally amazes with its beauty! All the characters have an incredibly beautiful fantasy appearance. Monsters and undead, even though they are enemies, are also drawn to the proper level. In other words: playing is a pleasure!

The tasks ceased to be primitive, the plot line no longer carries a banal character. You will witness a completely new approach to equipment, magic and passage. Each character can be seen in detail, and you will not see the squares, sharp corners and other shortcomings associated with limited opportunities in the field of information technology. Online RPG on ultramangames platform is the best way to reveal yourself and become who you really are.

RPG games for boys

Genesis is an exemplary browser RPG with revolutionary graphics and non-standard classes.

Play game GenesisGenesis is an exemplary browser RPG with revolutionary graphics and non-standard classes. Take the place of the gods and fight with the demonic race Piori, which sows chaos and destruction. Play for three original classes, develop over 70 skills and create an unbeatable squad of two dozen heroes! You are waiting for lightning battles with QTE-events, a single campaign of seven story chapters and global PvP battles. Travel around the world at the helm of a flying ship, explore mysterious ruins in search of powerful artifacts and find a way to stop the invasion of demons!

The almighty gods who defended the heavenly planet left the blessed world, leaving the inhabitants to tear apart fate. Captured in the depths of the planet, demons broke secular fetters and broke free. The paradise turned into hell hell. Stand up for the defense of your native planet, call on all-powerful allies and rebuff the descendants of hell!

Create a hero from three original classes

Free game Genesis onlinePsionic is a skillful healer with devastating damage to the area;
A ghost is a deadly hunter, killing assaults;
Corsair is a sturdy warrior, clad in impenetrable armor.
Choose a class for the style of the game and go in search of adventure! Develop a character and travel the world. Do hundreds of quests and earn fame. Fight two heroes at once and deal crushing combo blows! Find the power of the gods, defeat the legendary heroes and prove that you are worthy to lead them into battle!

10 reasons to play Genesis

Games for free - GenesisUltra-modern 2.5D graphics of the latest generation;
Official localization with Russian voice acting;
Three non-standard classes and over 70 combat skills;
Hurricane battles with QTE events and spectacular combos;
Two dozen partners with personal abilities;
Improved equipment and craft items;
Colorful costumes and 12 kinds of divine wings;
45 mounts from bone dragons to graceful unicorns;
Single and group dungeons with the strongest bosses;
Dueling, team fights and epic PvP battles of guilds!

Tap Adventure: Time Travel – a new fantasy RPG with time travel, colorful graphics and quintillion monsters!

Play game Tap Adventure: Time TravelTap Adventure: Time Travel – a new fantasy RPG with time travel, colorful graphics and quintillion monsters! Go to meet the glory of the legendary city of Ageron and pass through the hordes of enemies! Travel through the picturesque Patchwork world in the company of 17 unique heroes and defeat dozens of ferocious bosses. Train the fighters, create artifacts and conquer the space-time continuum! Evaluate an explosive mixture of genres and assemble an unbeatable team of heroes!

Epic heroes

The path to Ageron is a severe trial! He is full of dangers and swarming with hordes of monsters. Kill the monsters and devastate the treasures to earn gold and hire fighters. Call in a detachment of powerful magicians, treacherous assassins, druids and dozens of other strongest fighters of the Quilt world. Develop over 80 skills, improve the characteristics of heroes and mine equipment!


New games Tap Adventure: Time Travel 2017In traveling you will meet famous masters who will help in a hard war with enemies. Some will help to open locked chests from the treasuries of bosses, others will gladly exchange unnecessary resources for magic books from the magic library, and still others will create artifacts of unprecedented power with the help of magic runes. The closer to Ageron, the more great masters and new opportunities!

Time loops

The strength of enemies increases with each level. Spend time and return to the past to correct mistakes and become stronger! Use time loops and start the battle from the very beginning, saving precious knowledge and extracted artifacts. Experiment with combinations of heroes and skills, improve your tactics and walk through the skulls of enemies to the gates of the city of Ageron!


Play free games onlineJuicy graphics and special effects;
7 game classes;
Boundless pumping 17 heroes;
Studying over 80 skills;
Crafting and improving items;
More than 30 legendary artifacts;
Dozens of worlds and quintillion monsters!

Battle of Tanks – a military strategy of the most powerful tanks of the planet.

Play game Battle of TanksThe Battle of Tanks is a military strategy about the heroes, war and the most powerful tanks of the planet. Stand up for the defense of your native land and head the battle group of the legendary tanks, created on the basis of historical prototypes of the Second World and modern analogues. Design tanks and helicopters according to secret drawings produced in hot battles. Develop a military base, build factories and extract strategic resources. Learn the latest technology in top-secret laboratories and get a crushing advantage over the enemy. Unleash the strategist’s talents in spectacular tank battles and command dozens of players on the front line! Teach officers, seize territory and climb the career ladder through the skulls of enemies to the highest military rank!

The best tanks of the planet

Free game Battle of TanksYou are waiting for eminent tanks of the Second World and modern era. T-34-2 – the first tank in the collection, which will bring a sweet taste of victories and will open the doors to more powerful fighting vehicles. Online strategy pleases a rich park of technology, including IS-2, Tiger, Object 261, Pershing and Centurion. In total, over 30 types of tanks from different generations are available!

Tuning of tanks

Tanks, built according to the drawings, are just the basis that is freely upgraded and improves to the taste of the player. Go over combat vehicles on a military base from scratch, changing the equipment from the chassis and to camouflage! To implement engineering plans, rare resources and drawings will be needed, which are given out as trophies after victories in fierce battles.

Wars of the Legions

New game Battle of Tanks for free In battles, each player controls a detachment of five tanks and a combat helicopter. The power of the pocket army is sufficient for stripping the fortifications or retaliating attacks, but this is not enough to reverse the outcome of the war. Entering the legion of dozens of players, opens the global side of the Battle of Tanks. Shoulder to shoulder with brothers in arms, you will build a giant impregnable fortress, seize resource-rich territories and challenge players from other servers.

Key features

The atmosphere of the Second World War;
Step-by-step battles with elements of strategy;
Dozens of land and air equipment;
Kraft equipment and tuning tanks;
Recruiting and pumping officers;
Creation and improvement of armored vehicles;
Extraction of resources and construction of military bases;
World tournaments and server battles;
Development of the guild fortress and guild wars;
Dozens of daily events and tests.